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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Alien Hunter Online Fishing Game Review: Play Free Demo Game

Today, in the age of the online revolution, game developers like Spadegaming have developed new games and themes. There are some unique games at Asian casinos that attract local and global players. Spadegaming’s Alien Hunter online fishing game is one of them. 

The game released in 2021, Alien Hunter lets you choose from Junior, Expert, or Godlike levels based on your confidence and skill. There are a bunch of tasks you have to do and you have to fight aliens. This game is a must-play in the online casino!

Alien Hunter Fishing Game Overview

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Space & Aliens

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The Alien Hunter fishing game is a captivating game developed by the Fishing God developer: Spadegaming, a renowned provider in the gaming industry. Set against a backdrop of space and extraterrestrial life, the game immerses players in an alien-themed adventure. With its space and alien encounters, it offers a unique twist on traditional fishing games. The game has an impressive RTP rate of 96.5%, so players have a good chance of winning. The medium volatility makes it a good choice for players looking for a thrilling yet steady gaming experience.

Alien Hunter Game Controls

In the Alien Hunter fishing game, mastering the game’s advanced control system is key to destroying alien adversaries and enjoying your gaming experience. Let’s explore these controls in more detail:

  • Target Button: The feature highlights creatures across the courtyard, making tracking and shooting easier. It adds a layer of precision, making the gameplay more engaging.
  • Auto Button: Use this button to simplify your targeting process. You can select a target from a list of creatures. This function is especially useful for game strategy and reaction times.
  • Double Button: You can increase your efficiency and effectiveness in combat by using the Double button, which doubles your ammunition output.
  • Torch Button: The Torch burns creatures, inflicting additional damage. It can be used either single or double bullets, adjusting to the situation.
  • Buy Feature Buttons: You can customize your attack strategies by purchasing extra features at x30, x60, or x100 levels at the bottom of the screen.
  • Zoom Function: In addition to the Buy Feature, this tool enables you to zoom in and out of the game environment.
  • Balance Display: A crucial element of game management, it shows your current balance, keeping you informed of your resources and progress throughout the game.

Alien Hunter Paytable and Game Mechanics Explained

The fascinating world of Alien Hunter fishing game blends earthly creatures with exciting gameplay elements in a paytable and gameplay mechanic that captivates players. Here are some details to check out:

  • Diverse Creature Paytable: The online fishing game paytable features a variety of creatures that may remind you of those found on Earth. From majestic elephants and zebras to fierce lions and gentle deer, the roster extends to smaller animals like mice, frogs, bunnies, and chipmunks.
  • Reward Multipliers: Each creature carries its own value with multipliers to enhance your winnings. For instance, elephants can offer a payout range between x50 and x100, while lions offer between x30 and x60.
  • Buy Feature – Thermal Blaze: With a bet of 100, this feature activates the Thermal Blaze, offering reward drops ranging from x20 to x888 when you successfully shoot the creatures.
  • Landmine Bet: This bet requires 60 credits and activates 3 landmines that can appear randomly on the screen. As creatures trigger these mines, they explode, rewarding the player with amounts ranging from x20 to x500.
  • Rogue Warrior Feature: With a bet of 30, this feature unleashes the Rogue Warrior, who dynamically dashes across the screen to attack various creatures. Successful strikes by the Rogue Warrior can yield rewards between x10 and x250.

Alien Hunter Game Features

The online fishing game has a twist in the form of aliens. In other words, there are no fishes, just intergalactic creatures. But, don’t complain as much because these creatures have a lot of roles and benefits when we target them and shoot them in Alien Hunter casino game.

Alien Hunter Regular Features

Alien Hunter fishing game offers players the chance to win big with three different types of reward boxes, which are structured in an exciting and tiered manner, giving players the chance to win big with three different types of reward boxes:

  • Silver Box: Rewards range from x2 to x10 the value.
  • Platinum Box: Offers prizes between x10 to x50.
  • Ultimax Box: Yields the highest rewards, ranging from x100 to x500.

As players hit any creature in the regular game, a reward box can randomly drop from the sky, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the Alien Hunter Spadegaming gameplay as players encounter these creatures.

Alien Hunter Special Type

Explore the unique and thrilling features of Special Type in the Alien Hunter, with each offering a different reward. These special creatures are great for maximizing scores and gameplay experiences in Alien Hunter fishing game:

  • Xeno Killer: There will be rewards of x10 to x300 for shooting the Xeno Killer. Keep on shooting the Xeno Killer for nonstop rewards.
  • Turbo Blaster:  As the player defeats aliens with the Turbo Blaster, he will receive 30 – 100 free bullets with slightly increased damage.
  • Bladehound: There will be rewards ranging from x40 to x80. The player can use the shuriken from the backpack of Bladehound to dispatch several creatures at once. 
  • Bio Crawler: A player will receive x40-x100 rewards for shooting down alien eggs in Alien Hunter. When the Bio Crawler is released, it releases toxic gas that kills creatures around it. Special creatures are not affected by the toxic gas.

Alien Hunter Boss Type

Boss Type offers substantial rewards and unique challenges to overcome in Alien Hunter. Throughout the Alien Hunter casino game you will discover their unique abilities and strategies, enhancing the thrill and strategy of your gaming experience.

  • Titan Engineer: As a reward in Alien Hunter casino game, players will receive x80 – x600 points. Titan Engineer will reveal the reward that the player has won by spinning the Bonus Wheel.
  • Alien Invader: x50 – x100 rewards will be awarded when the Alien Invader is defeated. Once it is defeated, the real shape of the alien will become clear. 
  • The Vanquisher: Once the Vanquisher is defeated, it will attack all creatures on the screen before rewarding the player x100 – 688 and leaving.
  • Stealth Hunter: When you defeat Stealth Hunter in Alien Hunter, it will acknowledge you and deactivate stealth mode and reward players with x50 – x100.
  • Champion Hunter: Players get x100 – x488 rewards for defeating the Champion Hunter. The laser pack malfunctions and explodes, damaging the Champion Hunter and killing creatures around it.
  • Fallen Hunter: When the Fallen Hunter is destroyed, it explodes and rewards the player with x100 – x888.


Spadegaming as the top software developer revolutionizes online gaming with its unique alien-themed adventure. Released in 2021, it offers various levels to suit all players and a high RTP of 96.5%. The game features intuitive controls like Target and Auto buttons for easy targeting, and special features like Thermal Blaze for enhanced gameplay. Players can enjoy different reward boxes and battle against unique alien creatures for substantial rewards.

Experience the excitement of Alien Hunter casino game by Spadegaming at BP9 casino. Perfect for gamers seeking an engaging and strategic challenge, this game promises thrilling encounters and rewarding gameplay. Play now at BP9 casino and join the thrilling alien hunt!


The Alien Hunter Casino Game is optimized for Android & iOS mobile devices and screens of all resolutions.

Alien Hunter demo version is available for free, play without any registration or deposit required using free/demo mode at BP9!  

Alien Hunter boasts an impressive RTP rate of 96.5%.

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