The Best Fishing Game Online Review in BP9 Asia

BP9 is home for fish game online in Asia, an immersive “sea-themed” online game that offers both thrills and real-life earnings.

Players are armed with guns in fishing games called “tembak ikan” in local languages, attempting to catch as many aquatic creatures as possible. Power-ups and bonuses add excitement to the thrill as the target becomes more challenging.

Fish game online combines elements of gambling with skills such as focus, strategy, and awareness, adding an entirely different “flavor” to the online gaming scene. Veterans and newbies will enjoy this game of luck and skills.

A vibrant underwater world is emulated in BP9 fish game online, guaranteeing a thrilling, fast-paced experience. The games are easy to grasp and known for their thrilling nature. The platform partners with well-known operators to offer a variety of fish games, so players have a lot to choose from. The BP9 catalog is worth checking out, whether you love fishing arcade games or want to explore new ones.

Fishing Games Vendors in BP9 Asia Casino

BP9 is a premier destination for fish game online enthusiasts. The platform offers a fantastic gaming experience and partners with world-class games vendors to offer unbeatable fishing games selections. Discover the top-rated providers at BP9 that make the fishing games here a must-try. We’ll take a look at the BP9 casino fish game online providers below!

JDB Slots


JDB’s popular fishing games include 5 Dragon Fishing, Fishing Yilufa, Dragon Master, and Fishing Disco, all of which feature excellent animations, high-quality graphics, and an easy-to-use interface. Along with slots, JDB has also pioneered the integration of offline slots and fishing games online, giving customers a wide variety of gaming choices.

Playing free games at JDB is a unique opportunity for new players to learn mechanics, develop strategies, and experience the games. Games at JDB are updated frequently, ensuring that they remain fresh and exciting. Multipliers and jackpots add an extra thrill to JDB’s games, resulting in a high-reward experience.

Jili Slots


A wide range of popular fish shooting games from JILI are featured on BP9. Intricate visuals and compelling sound effects recreate the thrill of underwater hunting in each game. From Mega Fishing to Dragon’s Fortune, each game promises a unique experience. These games are accessible from any device by downloading the game APK.

One of the reasons you should play JILI’s games at BP9 is that you can get a 10,000 times bonus. Moreover, the high jackpot award system, the generous RTP rate of up to 98.22 %, and the added excitement of low volatility make it one of the most rewarding platforms.

Big Gaming Fishing Game

Big Gaming

Big Gaming’s top-rated fish shooting games await you at BP9 online casino. With titles like Fishing Master, Daxian Fishing, and Xiyou Fishing, Big Gaming is known for delivering adrenaline-pumping arcade-style gaming experiences.

Top-notch technical teams ensure that their products are high-quality and secure, as well as offering an intuitive and straightforward interface, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience. You can also play fish shooting games from Big Gaming on any device with Big Gaming’s HTML5 compatibility.

Big Gaming is known for being generous to its players, especially newbies. With their no deposit bonus, players can increase their winning chances without risking their own money.

Spadegaming Slots


Spadegaming offers you a mesmerizing online fish shooting experience with superior sound effects. With its Asian-themed games, Spadegaming has made waves in online gaming. 

Spadegaming is a licensed and certified provider whose games are endorsed by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). With this, they guarantee their games are in compliance with all regulations, making their platform a reliable choice across Asia.

Fishing God, Fishing War, and Alien Hunter are just a few of the best fish shooting online games. A high-quality aquatic world awaits you in these games, filled with fun and adventure.

Spadegaming’s products are cross-platform compatible and can be enjoyed on desktops, smartphones, and tablets; they are developed for multiple browsers, iOS, and Android. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and thrill at your fingertips, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Live22 Fish Gaming Games


The high standards of quality stem from their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, which has enabled Live22 to become one of the top betting brands in Asia. Live22 offers fast, secure, great customer service, generous bonuses, and an impressive game selections.

With Live22’s impressive game portfolio, they specialize in fish shooting games. Among their top games are Fishing War, Wu Kong 2, Ocean King 4, and Happy Fish 5. They cater to players of all skill levels and tastes. As you continue to play, you’ll unlock more challenging options for added fun.

CQ9 Gaming

CQ9 Gaming

CQ9 Gaming has over different fish game online selections embracing Asian themes and culture. With Hero Fishing, Lucky Fishing, and One Stop Fishing, you’ll have an exhilarating experience while playing.

Its commitment to providing seamless, exciting gaming experiences is reflected in the API Integration Process of CQ9 games being integrated into third-party online casinos. Through a smooth and fast process facilitated by CQ9’s gaming team, online casino platforms can easily integrate CQ9’s game collection, including popular Asian-themed video slots.

All CQ9 games are designed mobile-first. The HTML5 framework enables players to play their favourite games, whether they are video slots or fishing games, on their mobile device, regardless of their operating system. You can enjoy your favourite games on the go on Android or iOS.

Joker123 Slots


Joker features a multiplayer mode to enhance your gaming experience by adding a competitive edge. As you play through various levels, you’ll feel anticipation, fear, and thrills.

As opposed to traditional land-based casino games, Joker allows you to play anywhere, anytime. Getting started? All you need is a compatible device and an active internet connection.

It’s more than just one fishing game; it’s a collection of top fishing games such as Fish Hunting: Yao Qian Shu, Fish Hunter Spongebob, Fish Haiba, Fish Hunting: Happy Fish 5, and Fish Hunter Monster Awaken. With each game, you can explore a new underwater world and win big prizes!

You Lian Gaming

If you’re ready to fish like a pro, look no further than You Lian Gaming fish shooting game at BP9! You Lian Gaming (YL Gaming) offers a range of captivating fishing games that will keep you hooked.


Fishing games by YL Gaming such as  Shark Hunter, Jackpot Fishery, New Fishing Season, etc.incorporate unique Asian elements, making them incredibly appealing to players in Asia and beyond.


With a focus on modern players, YL Gaming ensures their fishing games are not only visually stunning but also optimized for mobile devices without compromising quality. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the immersive gameplay and vibrant graphics.

What Are The Best Fishing Games To Play in BP9 Android / iOS Devices?

We have put together a list of exciting fish shooting games from top providers like JDB, JILI, Big Gaming, Spadegaming, Live22, CQ9 Gaming, Joker, and You Lian Gaming, check them out!

The following are just a few examples of fish shooting games available from these game providers. You can download the respective game apps from the App Store or Google Play Store to experience these thrilling fish shooting experiences.

JDB Fishing Game:

  • Fishing Disco
  • Dragon Master
  • Fishing Yilufa

JILI Fishing Game:

  • Dragon Fortune
  • Boom Legend
  • Mega Fishing

Big Gaming Fishing Game:

  • Xiyou Fishing
  • Daxian Fishing
  • Fishing Master

Spadegaming Fishing Game:

  • Fishing War
  • Fishing God

Live22 Fishing Game:

  • Fishing War
  • Ocean King 4
  • Happy Fish 5

CQ9 Gaming Fishing Game:

  • Hero Fishing
  • Lucky Fishing
  • Paradise

Joker Fishing Game:

  • Fish Haiba
  • Fish Hunter Monster Awaken
  • Fish Hunter Spongebob

You Lian Gaming Fishing Game:

    • Shark Hunter
    • Fishing 2
    • Jackpot Fishery

How To Maximize Your Winning When Playing Fishing Games?

Discover the captivating secrets that will allow you to maximize your winning potential in your next fish shooting game with our tips below!

Using these tips and techniques when playing fishing games online can boost your chances of winning.

1. Choose the fish game online that suit you

There are a lot of shooting fish games out there. Look for games with appealing interfaces, lively sound effects, and rewarding rewards.

2. Pay attention to the point values of each fish

Different fish species are assigned different points in each fish game online. Keep an eye out for fish with lower point values, which are easier to catch and provide you with a steady stream of coins.

3. Observe the fish speed​

Smaller fish tend to move slower, so they are easier to hit. However, larger, more challenging fish such as sharks may require a different approach.

4. Master the shooting at the head

Try larger bullets, but keep in mind that these fish will require multiple shots to defeat, so wait for them to gather before shooting.

5. Aim for bonuses

Observe dice balloons, iridescent fish, or pearls for bonus targets. While these bonus targets don’t appear often, they are relatively easy to destroy.

6. Avoid chasing hidden fish

These hidden fish can offer increased rewards, but are notoriously difficult to catch. Their hit rates are typically low, so you shouldn’t waste your ammunition on them.

7. Seize opportunities with new fish

Fresh fish on the table are more likely to be shot successfully.

8. Harness the power of bouncing bullets

Increase your firepower by shooting bullets at a wall or surface and having them bounce back towards the fish. Continue to shoot at the fish as the bullets return.

9. Targeting on big fish

When you’ve got a lot of ammunition, try hitting the big fish, like mermaids, sharks, and other high-value targets.

10. Shoot bullets in bulk

A strategic move in some games is to shoot bullets in bulk. You can increase the number of bullets from one to 100 by shooting nine bullets consecutively to shoot down bigger fish.

11. Target alone swimming fish

Instead of using large bullets that risk wasting resources, use smaller and medium-sized bullets when encountering single fish swimming alone.

12. Master the mustache tactic

Using the mustache tactic, rotate your gun barrel continuously around the shooting table. Use two to three bullets for bigger fish. Rotate your gun barrel constantly, assigning each bullet to a small fish.

Bonuses and Promotions in BP9 Asia Fishing Games

Let’s explore the exciting offers waiting for you in the world of BP9 fishing games!

  • No deposit

Allows you to try out their fishing games without having to spend a penny.

  • Free demo

Allows you to learn the game mechanics and learn the nuances of each fishing game, sharpen your skills here.

  • Power-ups and bonus features

You will find power-ups and bonus features in fishing games. You will find crabs, symbols, and special guns that can help you catch more fish.

  • Welcome bonus

You can get a generous welcome bonus of up to 100% at BP9 as a new player.

  • Reload bonus

Players at BP9 Asia are rewarded with 10% reload bonuses. You’ll get a bonus boost every time you deposit again.

  • Unlimited cash rebate

You’ll receive a cash rebate up to 1% as a token of appreciation when you play fishing games.

  • VIP birthday bonus

In appreciation of your loyalty and support, they’ll give you a VIP birthday bonus. Your birthday will be filled with extra rewards and surprises.

  • Weekly rescue bonus

With this bonus, you can recover from your losses and boost your bankroll so you can keep aiming for those big wins.

  • Referral program

Earn special bonuses and rewards by referring your friends to play fish game online.

Play For Free Fishing Game Online in BP9

Play BP9 online casino on your Android or iOS device and immerse yourself in the thrill of catching aquatic creatures with the best fish shooting games in Asia. For a better understanding of the games and to develop winning strategies, make sure you try the free demo feature. Take advantage of all the bonuses and promotions available, including no deposit bonuses, power-ups, welcome bonuses, and more. Reel in the big wins at BP9 fish game online!

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