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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

All You Need To Know About Curacao Gaming Licence

Need we say more? Us casino players should select only the top casinos to spend time at. And to choose the best online casino, one important thing we need to look for is that if that platform is a licensed casino, i.e. is it legit and regulated by a prestigious gambling authority. This will prevent us from getting scammed. And speaking of a legit casino, BP9, again and of course, is the finest crypto online casino (which also accepts other payment methods too). All in all, it is the most convenient platform, and, in fact, the best e-wallet casino Malaysia free credit no deposit around here, where you can have a ton of fun playing slot games online Malaysia and all the types of casino games imaginable. If you are in another country that’s not Malaysia, say Singapore, you can check out BP9 Singapore, and if you like to play games on the go, just go for BP9 app download – all the fun is at your fingertips, literally.

Now, let’s go back to talking about a licensed casino, which we had mentioned very early in this introduction about how important it is, and that brings us to today’s discussion: a Curacao Gaming Licence. Let’s find out what exactly is this license and the level of reputation of this regulator in the iGaming scene.

Understanding Curacao Gaming Licences: The Beginning Story

Let’s take a trip back to the 1990s when Curacao decided to regulate online gambling. The Curacao Gambling Control Commission came to life, and the Gaming Licence Authority was born in the mid-’90s. Their mission? To hand out Curacao Gaming Licences to operators and keep a close eye on them. This move turned Curacao into a hot spot for iGaming licenses, attracting online casinos from all over the world, and creating a long Curacao Gaming Licence list.

Fast forward to today, and Curacao is a top choice for folks looking to score gaming licenses. That’s simply because getting a Curacao Gaming Licence is a breeze, and the tax perks are pretty sweet. But hold on, there’s a twist – these licenses come in two flavors: master licenses and sub-licenses. For a while, only a few big shots could give out master licenses and unlimited sub-licenses. It’s only been possible to nab a sub-license until now, thanks to Curacao Gaming Licence holders.

Why Do Online Casinos Love Curacao Gaming Licence?

If you’re a player itching to hit up an online casino with a Curacao Gaming Licence, you’re in for a treat. These joints offer loads of perks compared to places with licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, for example.

First, they’re all about cryptocurrency. You can bet with digital cash, keeping your gambling hush-hush from your bank. Plus, you’ll find a truckload of games, usually over 5,000 of them, covering everything from casinos to sports betting under one Curacao Gaming Licence.

Even if you’re in a place where online gambling is a no-no, you can still access these sites with a VPN. How cool is that?

Player Protection in Curacao-Licensed Casinos

Now, when it comes to player safety, Curacao-licensed casinos are no slouch. While they might not be as strict as the UK or Malta, they’ve got rules to follow. They’re all about keeping your info safe, using top-notch encryption to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Casinos with Curacao Gaming Licence will have games that get tested regularly, so they’re fair and square. And you can count on some responsible gambling info, although tools are a bit scarce. If you need a timeout, just give customer support a holler.

Sorting Out Issues with a Curacao Licenced Casino

Got a problem with one of the Curacao Gaming Licence holders? No sweat. First, chat up their customer support and spill the beans on your beef. Most times, they’ll sort it out pronto.

But if things don’t fly with the said casino that holds a Curacao Gaming Licence, you can fire off a formal complaint to the Curacao Gambling Commission. They’ll look at both sides and help you find a fix – no picking sides here, that’s for sure.

How to Check if a Casino Has a Curacao Gaming Licence

Before you dive into a casino, make sure it’s got a legit Curacao eGaming license. Here’s the lowdown on how to verify it:

  • Look for the Curacao Gaming Control Board logo in the casino’s footer.
  • Click on the logo; it should take you to the Curacao Gaming Authority’s website.
  • If it’s not clickable, head to the Curacao eGaming site to validate the license. There’s a section where you can check it.
  • Punch in the casino’s deets, including the license number, to see if it’s valid, expired, or suspended. You can also get the scoop on other casino info there.

What You Got to Know About That Curacao Gaming License as Casino Operators

Anywho, if you’re reading this, and if you happen to be one of those casino operators, the question you should ask now is: who can slap on a Curacao Gaming Licence? (i.e. are your business eligible for this stamp of approval)

If your gig involves player sign-ups and checking IDs, plus you’re into handling cash moves like deposits and withdrawals, then you’re in the running for a Curacao Gaming Licence.

Without further ado, let’s find out more about types of their licenses and requirements in the upcoming sections:

Types of Gambling Licenses Curacao Dishes Out

Here’s the scoop on the kinds of licenses Curacao may (or may not, depends) granted you. Typically, online casinos roll with one of these four big-shot licenses: Gaming Curacao (license number: 365/JAZ), Licencing N.V. (5536/JAZ), Cyberluck Curacao N.V. (1668/JAZ), Curacao Interactive and Antillephone NV (8048/JAZ).

There are two flavors of online gambling licenses up for grabs: the Master License and the Sub-License. The Master License lets you run your own gaming show and hand out sub-licenses like candy to other Curacao Gaming Licence holders.

How to Get a Curacao Gaming Licence: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to get a Curacao Gaming Licence, you’ll need to follow some steps. Here’s a simple breakdown of what you need to do:

Step 1: Register Through the GCB Portal

First things first, you’ll have to sign up through the GCB portal to apply for a Curacao Gaming Licence. This portal is where you’ll submit your application and all the necessary documents.

Step 2: Be a Legal Entity in Curacao

Only legal entities that are registered according to Curacao’s laws and have an office in Curacao can apply for a Curacao Gaming Licence.

Step 3: Submit Required Forms and Information

Make sure you fill out all the forms and provide all the information and documents required for your Curacao Gaming Licence application. 

Step 4: Get Your Equipment and Software Checked

An independent inspection body approved by GCB will need to test your equipment and software, a crucial step for Curacao Gaming Licence holders. Make sure they are regularly maintained.

Step 5: Prepare a List of Your Equipment and Games

Have an up-to-date list of all the equipment, software, and games you plan to offer, an essential requirement for Curacao Gaming Licence list. This list should be ready for inspection.

Step 6: Pass Security Clearance

You’ll need to pass a security clearance check to ensure your operations are secure, a standard for all Curacao Gaming Licence holders.

Step 7: Meet License Conditions

Lastly, make sure you meet all the conditions required for obtaining your Curacao Gaming Licence.

Now, let’s talk about the application process in more detail.

When you apply for a Curacao Gaming Licence, it’s not a one-step process. You’ll need to fill out an application on the website, but there are several stages to it. Some of the application forms might ask for extra documents to confirm the information you provide. A breakdown of what they might ask for including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Your personal details
  • The domains you’ll operate on
  • What kind of games you’ll offer
  • Details about player accounts and fund management
  • The currencies you’ll use
  • Information about cash transactions
  • Where your servers will be located
  • How players will access your games (on PCs or mobile devices)
  • Info about your game providers

One thing to keep in mind is that within 6 months of getting your Curacao Gaming Licence, you’ll need to go through procedures to verify player data, accounts, funds, game fairness, and information security. This data will need to be provided to the GCB. So, it’s not just about getting the license; you also need to keep things in check once you have it.


As a wrap up, this comprehensive article sheds light on the world of Curacao Gaming Licence, their history, benefits, and player protection. The purpose of our article is solely to highlight Curacao as a top choice for gaming licenses, emphasizing the simplicity of obtaining one. Just to give you a final recap, we also touch on the process of resolving issues with Curacao Gaming Licence holders and how to verify a casino’s license status, so if you run into any problem with one of those Curacao Gaming Licence holders one day, you’d know how to handle it and what is your right!

So, we hope this article is useful for you! Safe gambling and remember to only gamble on a licensed site!


Apart from the Curacao Gaming Licence list of questions we have provided above, they might ask you your address and citizenship, details about local representatives, your criminal record (if any) etc.

The list includes Goslot Casino, Doggo Casino and more.

It stands for Gaming Control Board.

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