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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Fishing War Fish Shooting Game Review: Get Free Play at BP9

Fishing War, developed by Spadegaming, is not your typical slot game. It combines the excitement of arcade-style shooting with the strategic elements of slot gaming, offering a unique experience for players. This game is designed to cater to a wide range of players, from beginners to seasoned gamers, providing a dynamic and engaging platform to enjoy and potentially win big.

Fishing War Fish Shooting Game Overview

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Fishing War

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The high seas are ablaze with action in the Fishing War slot game by Spadegaming. This innovative title diverges from traditional slot mechanics, presenting an arcade shooting game where players use cannons to subdue fish and uncover treasures. 

The game offers three levels tailored to different skill sets, featuring single or double shooting cannons and the unique lightning sash feature. 

As players progress through the game, they can access special features like Bonus Rewards, Random Wheel Game, and Increased Multipliers, all designed to enhance the gaming experience and increase the chances of winning.

Games Features

Fishing War, offered by BP9, and created by the renowned casino game provider Spadegaming, redefines the online slot gaming experience. This game merges the thrill of an arcade shooter with the strategic elements of a slot game, creating a unique and immersive experience. 

Unlike traditional slot games, demo slot Fishing War game offers a series of distinctive features that elevate the gameplay to new levels of excitement and engagement.

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

Unlike traditional slot games, demo slot Fishing War Spadegaming involves using a cannon to shoot down various sea creatures, each carrying different values. This interactive approach demands skill and strategy, making each session both challenging and rewarding. The game’s mechanics are straightforward yet engaging, ensuring players remain immersed in their quest for underwater treasures.

Firestorm Feature

A standout feature of Fishing War is the Firestorm feature. This unique component allows players to collect up to 100 free bullets, which can be used to shoot fish and accumulate points. These free bullets are a crucial tactical element, giving players additional chances to score big without impacting their balance. 

The Firestorm feature thus adds an extra dimension to the game, blending the excitement of arcade shooting with the thrill of slot gaming.

Bonus Rounds and Boss Battles

Fishing War’s excitement peaks with its bonus rounds and challenging boss battles. Players face formidable foes like the Awakening Dragon, The Monkey King, and the Pirate Ghost Ship. 

Each boss offers a unique challenge and the opportunity for substantial rewards, with potential winnings up to 888x the player’s bet. These battles are not just tests of luck; they require skill and strategy, making each victory both satisfying and potentially lucrative.

Symbols to Target for Higher Rewards

Fishing War game offers an extensive selection of ocean creatures, each with its unique payout potential. This game diverges from traditional slots, focusing instead on an arcade-style shooting experience. Players engage in a strategic hunt underwater, targeting various sea creatures for rewards.


This deep-sea dweller offers a payout of 12x, making it a valuable target for players aiming for moderate rewards.

Turtles and Swordfish

These creatures are more challenging to capture but offer higher payouts. Turtles and swordfish can bring in 13x and 15x payouts, respectively.


Encountering sharks in the game can lead to significant wins. Blue sharks provide payouts ranging from 20x to 30x your bet, while Yellow Hammerhead Sharks can offer between 40x to 60x your bet.

Crab & Frog

Strategies for Maximising Winnings in Fishing War

Big Bass Bonanza Slot Free Spins Feature

Success in the Fishing War requires a well-thought-out strategy, an understanding of the game’s dynamics, and a keen eye for detail. Players who aim to maximise their winnings need to go beyond the basics of gameplay and delve into strategic planning.

Understanding Creature Behaviour and Movement Patterns

The key to mastering Fishing War lies in a player’s ability to observe and understand the behaviour and movement patterns of the different sea creatures featured in the game. 

Each species in demo slot Fishing War has its unique movement style, which can be studied to predict their paths. For instance, some fish may move more slowly but in predictable patterns, while others may be swift and erratic.

Balancing Risk and Reward

Effective strategy in Fishing War demo involves a careful balance between risk and reward. Players need to decide whether to aim for larger, more challenging targets like the elusive crab or frog, which offer higher payouts, or to focus on smaller, easier targets for consistent but smaller wins. This decision-making process is crucial and should be based on the player’s current resources, such as the number of bullets available and their current score in the game.

Targeting High-Payout Symbols

High-payout symbols, like the Anglerfish, turtle, swordfish, and particularly the crab and frog, are the most lucrative targets in Fishing War. These creatures offer higher rewards but are more challenging to capture. 

Players should prioritise these targets when they have sufficient resources and feel confident in their shooting accuracy. Successfully hitting these high-value targets can significantly increase a player’s winnings.

Developing a Personalized Strategy

Every player may find a different approach that works best for them in Fishing War. Some may excel at rapidly targeting multiple small fish, while others may be more adept at patiently waiting for the perfect shot at a high-value target. 

Experimenting with different strategies and adjusting them based on the outcomes helps in refining the approach that maximises winnings.

Utilising Game Features Strategically

Players should also take advantage of the best online casino in Malaysia’s unique features, such as the lightning sash and the Firestorm feature, to enhance their gameplay. Understanding how and when to use these features can be the difference between a standard play session and a highly profitable one.

Rewards and Bonuses in Fishing War Fish Shooting Game

Fishing War’s rewards and bonuses are thoughtfully integrated to provide an engaging and potentially lucrative experience for players. The combination of special features like the Random Wheel Game and the Massive Earthquake Feature, along with the excitement of boss battles, makes Fishing War demo a compelling choice for gamers seeking an immersive and rewarding online fish shooting game experience.

Special Features and Bonus Rewards

Fishing War, provided by Spadegaming, elevates the gaming experience with a variety of special features and bonus rewards. These elements are crucial for players aiming to maximise their winnings and enjoyment.

Bonus Rewards

The game’s design incorporates Bonus Rewards as a central feature. These rewards are triggered through specific actions or achievements within the game, offering players unexpected gains and enhancing the overall excitement.

Random Wheel Game

A standout element in Fishing War Spadegaming is the Random Wheel Game. This feature provides a chance for players to spin a wheel, granting them access to a range of prizes and bonuses. Each spin adds an element of surprise and opportunity for additional rewards.

Massive Earthquake Feature

A standout element in Fishing War Spadegaming is the Random Wheel Game. This feature provides a chance for players to spin a wheel, granting them access to a range of prizes and bonuses. Each spin adds an element of surprise and opportunity for additional rewards.

Boss Battles for High Payouts

One of the most thrilling aspects of Fishing War is the inclusion of boss battles. These battles are against formidable opponents, each offering a unique challenge and the potential for significant winnings.

Awakening Dragon

Facing the Awakening Dragon in a boss battle presents a high-risk, high-reward scenario. Successful players who defeat this boss can expect substantial payouts, reflecting the challenge of the encounter.

Pirate Ghost Ship

Engaging with the Pirate Ghost Ship in a boss battle is another avenue for big wins. This boss presents a unique set of challenges, and overcoming them can lead to some of the highest rewards available in the game.

Playing Fishing War Fish Shooting Game at BP9

At BP9, players can enjoy Fishing War, a game that seamlessly combines the excitement of an arcade shooter with the strategic elements of slot gaming. This game caters to a wide range of players, from beginners to experienced gamers. 

With its varied levels, each designed to match different skill sets, Fishing War ensures a fulfilling and engaging gaming session for everyone.

Fishing War at BP9 app download offers three distinct levels: Junior Mode, Expert Mode, and Godlike Mode. These levels are thoughtfully designed to accommodate players at different stages of their gaming journey. 

Junior Mode is perfect for those new to the game, offering a gentle introduction to its mechanics. Expert Mode raises the stakes for more seasoned players, and Godlike Mode presents the ultimate challenge for those seeking the highest level of gameplay.


Fishing War, developed by Spadegaming, revolutionises online gaming by merging the dynamics of arcade shooting with the classic appeal of slot games Malaysia. This game stands out for its unique approach, where players use a cannon instead of spinning reels. 

With a range of sea creatures as symbols, each offering varying payouts, the game caters to a wide array of players. Its special features, including the Boss Rewards and the Firestorm feature, elevate the gameplay experience. 

The ability to choose from different levels, such as Junior, Expert, and Godlike modes, makes it accessible for both new and experienced players. This blend of engaging gameplay and the chance for significant winnings makes Fishing War a compelling choice for players at BP9.


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