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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Great Blue Slot Review by Playtech: RTP & FREE Spins

You’ll be captivated by Playtech’s Great Blue slot as it paints a tale of underwater wonders, thrilling bonuses, and RTP treasures in a universe of hues of blue. In the same way that ocean explorers tell stories of the deep, this game captivates players with its free spins set amidst a sprawling coral kingdom. Discover the hidden gems of Great Blue slot with us!

Introduction to the Depths of the Great Blue Slot

At its heart, Great Blue is not just another slot games online Malaysia; it’s an odyssey. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this slot transports players into an underwater kingdom, echoing tales of marine giants, notably the majestic blue whale which serves as the namesake. The game’s animation, coupled with its crystalline sounds, reminisces the allure of top-tier land-based video slots. Playtech has mastered the essence of oceanic wonder, presenting a vibrant ecosystem of playful orcas, spinning turtles, radiant starfish, and curious sharks.

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, what makes the Great Blue slot a dive worth taking is its potential for massive rewards. Nestled within its depths is a high volatility essence, offering a tantalizing chance for significant payouts. The enticing RTP of 94.25% beckons players to bet and win, while features such as bonus rounds, multipliers, and a gamble mechanism amplify the thrill. With the Great Blue slot, every spin is an adventure, every win a discovery. This isn’t merely a slot game; it’s Playtech’s tribute to the mysteries of the deep, inviting you to plunge into the wonders of the slot game Great Blue.

Great Blue Slot Gameplay Mechanics

It is rare for a slot game to offer so much depth and allure as Playtech’s Great Blue slot. Players aren’t just spinning reels here – they’re immersed in a sea of wonder. Oceanic life’s intricate dance is reflected in the mechanics of this slot. Discover the symbols that animate this deep-sea narrative, the winning combinations that promise treasures, and the user interface that seamlessly fuses form with function.

The Symbols and Icons

Venturing beneath the ocean’s surface, the Great Blue slot is a treasure trove of vibrant symbols. Dominating the reel, the orca not only offers the highest payout but also doubles up as the wild symbol. Its grandeur is complemented by other marine inhabitants like the graceful shark, swift turtle, delicate seahorse, radiant starfish, and the ever-vibrant clownfish. And don’t overlook the bubbling A – 9 icons, ensuring the aquatic essence remains intact. The pearl-clasping pink oyster stands as the scatter symbol, shimmering with promise every time it graces the reels.

Winning Combinations in the Great Blue Slot

In the vast ocean that is the Great Blue slot, fortunes favor those who align with the majestic orca. Secure five of them on a payline, and an x10,000 payout awaits. Wild substitutions magnify wins, doubling payouts in winning combinations. Scatters, too, hold the promise of prosperity, offering a multiple of your total bet when they surface. And while it may lack a progressive jackpot, the slot compensates with a grand prize of up to 250,000x your bet per spin, tantalizingly hidden amidst its deep blue wonders.

User Experience and Interface Highlights

Playtech’s Great Blue slot isn’t just a game; it’s an experience. Seamlessly blending an enticing theme with intuitive tabs, players find navigation a breeze. Once those reels begin their dance, players edge closer to hidden prizes in the bonus and gambling rounds. And while the absence of a progressive jackpot might be felt by some, the rich tapestry of features, from free spins to multipliers in the bonus game, keeps players anchored.

RTP (Return to Player), the Way Understanding Your Odds

It is the lure of significant returns, the thrill of the chase, and the strategy of understanding the odds that drive every player to the captivating world of slot gaming. The RTP concept plays a pivotal role in this journey. Understanding the RTP of the Great Blue slot becomes crucial as we dive deeper into its depths.

What does RTP Mean for Slot Gamers?

RTP or Return to Player is a term every slot enthusiast must familiarize themselves with. It signifies the theoretical percentage of all the wagered money that a slot game will pay back to players over time. In simpler terms, it’s your potential winning odds, giving you insights into how frequently and generously a slot might pay.

Great Blue Slot’s RTP in Comparison

In the vast ocean of slot games, the Great Blue slot stands tall with an RTP of 94.25%. Playtech’s dedication to offering players value is evident. While the slot game Great Blue boasts a rich aquatic theme and immersive gameplay, its RTP is in the competitive realm when pitted against others. For perspective, Wild Toro by ELK Studios offers an RTP of 96.40%, and Foxin’ Wins by NextGen cruises at 95.62%. Great Blue slot’s RTP, paired with its high volatility, ensures thrilling gameplay and promising returns.

Tips on Maximizing Returns

While the Great Blue slot promises an exciting journey with potential treasures, players can adopt a few strategies. It’s advisable to familiarize oneself with the game mechanics, especially the bonus rounds, as these can dramatically boost returns. Set a budget, be patient, and look out for those free spins, as they can offer up to 15x multipliers, amplifying your rewards as you dive deeper into the oceanic world of the Great Blue slot.

Free Spins of the Great Blue slot

Free spins make the enchanting depths of the Great Blue slot even more irresistible. These spins, like ocean waves, bring opportunities and surprises, enhancing the gaming experience and leading players closer to coveted incentives.

How to Trigger Free Spins in the Great Blue slot

A pink oyster holding a pearl, the scatter symbol in Great Blue, triggers the seashell bonus round when three or more of these scatter symbols appear on the reels. A 2x multiplier and 8 free spins kick off the bonus. Your underwater treasure hunt is enhanced when you choose from five seashells to reveal even more free spins or a 15x multiplier.

Benefits of Free Spins

While the notion of free spins in the Great Blue slot might seem like a mere extension of gameplay, they pack a lot more punch. In addition to additional spins, they provide a chance to maximize wins. The popularity of Great Blue makes it easy for players to get promotional free spins, adding layers of benefits and increasing their chances of winning.

Great Blue Slot's Special Features and Bonuses

You’ll find treasures not just in coins, but in its enthralling features. Inspired by the marine environment, these features add layers of excitement and potential rewards to every spin.

The Allure of the Stacked Wilds

Bearing the mighty Orca’s image, the wild symbol in the Great Blue slot isn’t just any ordinary feature. This symbol doubles payouts when substituting in a winning line and often appears stacked across the reels, amplifying chances of hitting big payouts. As the guardian of the ocean’s treasures, the Orca ensures that your journey within the Great Blue slot remains fruitful.

Multiplier Magic

Every win is a joy, but in the slot game Great Blue, the joy can be multiplied. The Great Blue Whale, acting as the game’s Wild, not only substitutes for other symbols but also doubles the win with a x2 multiplier. Delving further, the free spin rounds can bless players with multipliers as high as x15, making every win feel like unearthing sunken gold.

Unique Bonus Rounds Inspired by Marine Marvels

Steer your ship towards the pink oyster shell scatters, and you’ll unlock a marine-inspired bonus round. Initiated with a generous 8 free spins paired with a 2x multiplier, players are then transported to a sandy coral reef where they get to pick from five seashells. The right pick could grant up to 33 additional free spins, and with the potential for multipliers as lofty as 15x, it’s as if the Great Blue slot invites players to uncover the ocean’s most coveted secrets.


Navigating the enchanting waters of the Great Blue slot promises vibrant visuals and enticing bonuses. Playtech, in collaboration with BP9 Malaysia, has crafted an aquatic adventure that stands tall in the realm of slot games online Malaysia. Every spin weaves a tale of underwater wonders, making it a top online casino experience.

Ready for the plunge? Play Great Blue slot at BP9 casino, the trusted and official partner of Playtech. Dive deep and discover treasures beyond imagination!

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