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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Winning Tips & Tricks on How to Play Ocean King Mega888 Fishing Games

BP9 offers more than just sports betting and slot games; we also have in store – a fantastic selection of online fishing games from top game vendors like Mega888, Live22, CQ9, and BigGaming. Our collection includes popular titles like Ocean King Mega888, Fishing War, Fishing God, and Happy Fish. You can enjoy sought after fish hunting games on the go, like those Mega888 iOS optimized games, just by downloading our latest BP9 app. These Mega888 iOS and Android compatible games bring the excitement of the online world to your mobile devices in a quick, fast, and convenient manner.

This page is dedicated to Ocean King Mega888, one of today’s hottest fishing games from an award-winning Malaysia-based slot game developer. BP9 Asia wants to provide our beloved players with valuable tips to enhance your gameplay in Ocean King Mega888 – an immersive Mega888 download fishing game with mesmerizing graphics that is not to be confused with Ocean King 918kiss!

Ocean King’s Creator: Learn More About Mega888

This part is for those who have never heard of Ocean King Mega888, or just Mega888, before. Mega888 is a content supplier that’s founded by Malaysian entrepreneurs. Their specialty is mobile slot and fishing games. 

Here are the reasons why Ocean King Mega888 and plenty of other Mega888 releases are loved by thousands across Asia today:

Established Reputation
Established Reputation

A 96.49% RTP candy-themed slot with rainbow multiplier bombs and 21,175x max win.

Wide Game Selection

They offer a comprehensive selection of games, including slot games, table games, and their renowned fishing games and slots.

User-Friendly Platform

The Mega888 app is known for its intuitive interface, making it easy for players to navigate and enjoy their favorite games on mobile devices.

Security and Fairness
Security and Fairness

Mega888 prioritizes player security and game fairness, utilizing advanced encryption technologies and regular audits to ensure a safe gaming environment.

Getting to Know the Game: What Is Ocean King Mega888?

Getting to Know the Game What Is Ocean King Mega888

We had a ton of fun playing Ocean King 918kiss before, and we are excited to share our new favorite, Ocean King Mega888. This Mega888 iOS game immerses you in a vibrant underwater world where your mission is to become an expert fish hunter. Armed with a powerful gun, you’ll venture into the depths to shoot various fish species, each successful capture earning you points. To excel in this game, you’ll need to customize your gun’s aim, power, and acceleration for maximum success.

⚠️ Challenges When Playing Ocean King Mega888 Fishing Games

Playing Ocean King Mega888 fishing games is unique and challenging. Unlike slot games that rely heavily on luck, these games demand skill and strategy.

One of the primary challenges is mastering the game controls. These fast-paced games require swift reflexes, whether you’re using a joystick or touch screen. Additionally, effectively targeting and shooting different fish types can be complex, as some fish may require multiple shots to be defeated.

Unique Features in Ocean King Mega888

As devoted fans of Ocean King Mega888 and many Mega888 download games, we want to share some of the special features that make this game stand out. Learning about these features will be beneficial when we discuss the Mega888 shooting tips.

Mini Games


Ocean King Mega888 offers a range of exciting mini-games to enhance your gaming experience:

Bomb Crab

Take down a bomb crab to see its explosive power, causing massive destruction and earning you more points.

Thunder Chain

Capture multiple marine creatures up to 9 at once to maximize your points with Thunder Chain

Shooting Modes


Ocean King Mega888 provides three distinct shooting modes tailored to different player preferences:

  • Switch Mode: Freely adjust the cannon’s intensity and choose your shooting direction. Target slower fish and use bullets strategically to extend gameplay and increase your chances of winning.
  • Tracking Mode: This mode identifies and targets specific fish, making it easier for less experienced players to capture. Fire slowly, rotate the cannon, and shoot one shot at a time for best results.
  • Auto Fire Mode: This mode is ideal for players with limited time, allowing you to automate shooting. While it’s convenient, it may not accumulate bonuses as quickly as the other modes.
The Exclusive Mega888 Shooting Tips for Ocean King Mega888 – 11 Tips That Work!

The Exclusive Mega888 Shooting Tips for Ocean King Mega888 – 11 Tips That Work!

Here’s the highlight of this page: tips on how to win Ocean King Mega888. Put these tips into work, and with steady hands, you’ll get your pocket filled in no time!

🔫 Tip 1: Hunt for Hidden Treasures


Look for flashy fish, like golden frogs or dark green fish, as they offer higher value and can unlock substantial jackpots.

💥 Tip 2: Sharpen Your Shooting Skills


To conserve your coins, aim and hit your targets with precision. Rapid shooting without aiming may waste ammunition.

🔫 Tip 3: Ammo Management – A Must!


Wise ammunition use can turn the tide in Ocean King Mega888 in your favor. Plan your shots carefully to maximize your profits.

💥 Tip 4: Target the Titans for Bigger Payout


Aim for the larger creatures such as Sharks, and Killer Whales. Fish with special colors also offer higher rewards.

🔫 Tip 5: Manage Your Bankroll Wisely 


Avoid spending on small fry. Focus your firepower on larger, more rewarding fish to manage your coins effectively.

💥 Tip 6: Utilize the Crab Bomb Mode


Unleash the crab bomb feature to create an underwater explosion that captures multiple fish at once, boosting your points.

🔫 Tip 7: Use the Lightning Link 


The lightning chain feature allows you to connect and capture multiple marine creatures simultaneously, earning extra points.

💥 Tip 8: Bravely Ride the Ocean Wave 


Some sea creatures in Ocean King Mega888 offer a whirlwind feature, creating bonus opportunities and dishing out hefty rewards.

🔫 Tip 9: Increase Bets for Bigger Wins


If you’re feeling lucky, increase your bets to enhance your chances of landing big prizes in Ocean King Mega888.

💥 Tip 10: Explore the Pay Table


Each game table has its own set of treasures. Look for high-value marine creatures that can turn the tide of your winnings.

🔫 Tip 11: Always Play Responsibly


Set boundaries for your spending and know when to stop playing. Responsible gaming ensures a fun and enjoyable experience.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Ocean King Mega888, available on the BP9 platform at ‘Mega888 Download’ section, offers a unique and challenging gaming experience that requires skill and strategy. This blog has highlighted the game’s features, including mini-games and shooting modes, and provided valuable tips to help you excel. We encourage you to appreciate the intricacies of the game and enjoy the excitement it offers. Happy hunting!


What is the objective of Ocean King Mega888?

In Ocean King Mega888, the goal is to become a skilled fish hunter, shooting various fish species to accumulate points that can be cashed out later.


What mini game should I try in Ocean King Mega888?

Bomb Crab is fun and easy for beginners, making it a great choice to start with.


What are the most valuable Mega888 shooting tips for Ocean King Mega888?

Useful tips include targeting valuable marine creatures, shooting with precision, managing bullets wisely, and knowing when to increase bets or stop playing for responsible gaming.

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