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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Jin Qian Wa Slots Review: Malaysians' Top Pick Slot Game Online

Apart from being the number one provider of immersive online fishing games, quality live dealer games, and exciting eSports and sports betting Malaysia, the BP9 casino is also known for its outstanding collection of slot machines, which is home to every great slot game online Malaysia in today’s market. 

The diversity of slots at BP9 will amazed you. There are so many different slot software providers, slot types, game themes and even different gameplay to choose from. And if you are into games with Chinese themes as one of their selling points, games like 7 Dragons Slot Machine Game or Hero Of The 3 Kingdoms – Cao Cao, you will sure find Jin Qian Wa Slot—the slot under our discussion today–-quite interesting, to say the least!

What is Jin Qian Wa Slot

Launched in 2018, Playtech’s Jin Qian Wa Slot has become a delightful addition to the array of Asian-inspired games of Playtech slot collection, distinguished by its elegant simplicity. Unlike many others that are bursting with complex graphics, we found that Jin Qian Wa Slot offers a refreshingly clear visual experience, boasting a calming, soothing blue backdrop paired with vibrant red reels. Let’s just agree that this game doesn’t just capture the essence of the theme; it’s also cleverly tailored to enhance players’ experience with its, surprisingly enough, straightforward design.

Featuring a standard five-reel setup, the Jin Qian Wa Slot also presents players with 40 different ways to win, adding to the excitement of the gameplay. The betting range in the Jin Qian Wa Slot is designed to be inclusive, catering to all types of players, with options starting from a modest 0.01 to a maximum of 50.00 for each payline. 

Despite its common Oriental motif, which is a familiar sight in the realm of digital slot games – and by that we mean not only Playtech works but other slots in general, the Jin Qian Wa Slot manages to stand out due to its appealing visuals and the gameplay that is both fun and engaging. While it may not be the most novel creation of Playtech, the Jin Qian Wa Slot entices players with its agreeable graphics, accommodating bet limits, and the potential for lucrative free spins, (still) making it a competitive choice among the myriad of Oriental-themed slots available.

Jin Qian Wa Slot Game Overview





Max Win:



40 paylines

A Brief Guide to Jin Qian Wa Slot

If you feel ready to dive into this Playtech slot, feel free to do so. However, if you’re looking for a heads-up, we suggest you read on to learn more about the Jin Qian Wa Slot and see how it functions.

How to Get Started with Jin Qian Wa Slot

Are you ready to experience the magic of Jin Qian Wa Slot? Kick things off by setting your wager for each spin. With the freedom to play on as many or as few of the 40 paylines as you like, each spin is customizable. Adjust your bet easily with the handy plus and minus buttons, starting as low as €0.01 per line. Whether you’re watching your budget or ready to spend big (the latter is usually not recommended, unless you have plenty to spare), Jin Qian Wa Slot caters to every style of play.

Regular and Special Symbols of Jin Qian Wa Slot

As you spin the reels of Jin Qian Wa Slot, you’ll find a tapestry of symbols, each echoing the game’s Asian theme. They’re grouped into low and high payers, plus the all-important Special symbols. For starters, the regular crowd includes the high card symbols – Ace to Nine – which might just make you look twice with their unique design (you can check the paytable of Jin Qian Wa Slot to see how much rewards you can get from these symbols, for example if 9, 10, J, and K appear 3 on a payline, you will be credited with 5 points). For the high-value icons, look out for beautifully crafted Chinese statuettes and the Yin Yang symbol, which bring the culture right to your screen.

We’d say the game changers here are the Special symbols. The Wild is a green frog clutching a coin, ready to swap out for other symbols to complete a winning line, save for the Scatter. Speaking of which, the Scatter symbol is the Jin Qian Wa Slot logo in elegant Chinese script, holding the key to extra features.

Meet The-Stacked-Wild Golden Toad

Eyes on the prize with the golden toad symbol. This gem-holding amphibian isn’t just the top payer, doling out 1,000 coins for a set of five; it’s also your Wild in this Playtech slot. Except for the Scatter, it can replace any symbol to boost your chances of winning. Plus, it stacks on the reels, opening the door to even more wins in the Jin Qian Wa Slot.

Oriental Delights: The Everyday Wins

In Jin Qian Wa Slot, the regular payouts keep things steady, with the golden toad leading the pack. The Yin and Yang is next in line, offering up to 400 coins for a full house. Not to be overlooked, the elephant, dragon, and turtle give a respectable 250 coins for five in a row. The card symbols provide a decent return as well, with up to 150 coins for the higher end of the deck.

Fun Feature of Jin Qian Wa Slot: Unlimited Free Spins From the Chinese Lettering

Watch out for the Chinese lettering, the game’s Scatter, nestled within the reels of the Jin Qian Wa Slot. Landing on the middle reels, these symbols unlock a round of 8 free spins when you hit three or more. And as you enjoy your free play in this simple Playtech slot, extra golden toads hop onto the scene, ramping up your wild wins. What’s more, catch another trio of Scatters, and you’re in for an additional 8 spins, with no limit to how many times you can retrigger. Keep your eyes peeled for those characters – they’re your ticket to boundless play in the Jin Qian Wa Slot.


To put simply, the Jin Qian Wa Slot offers an easy-going gaming experience where you can relax and enjoy without much thought. But we, really, have got to be honest that it doesn’t exactly break new ground. The visuals are neat yet rather unremarkable, let’s just say it’s still lacking elements that make you stop and stare. There’s just one highlight in the Jin Qian Wa Slot, and that’s the Free Games feature (there’s only one feature available anyway, so). If you can recall, stumbling upon three Scatter symbols in a regular spin sets off this bonus. Once triggered, you are treated to 8 free spins, and you’ll notice the Wild symbols showing up more often, giving your winnings a nice bump. Plus, if Scatters show up again during your free spins, another set of 8 spins is added to your tally, and this can keep happening over and over. But to be frank, even this feature doesn’t quite make this Playtech slot stand out on its own.

When you stack it up against other offerings from Playtech, Jin Qian Wa Slot doesn’t quite shine as bright. Playtech has a repertoire of more captivating games, and it’s a bit surprising they’re behind this one. Unless the Asian-Chinese theme is really your cup of tea, you might want to browse around for a different game.


Well, Malaysian players have really taken a shine to the Jin Qian Wa Slot because it’s like a virtual trip to ancient China. The game’s packed with cool stuff like golden turtles (or should we say tortoises?), dragons, and those lucky coins we all wish we could find in real life. Plus, with its Chinese cultural vibes, it hits right at home for many Chinese-Malaysian players who dig that sort of theme.

Jin Qian Wa Slot has got an awesome Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.16%, which is pretty generous compared to other slots out there. And its feature, land three yin-yang symbols and boom, you’re in for some free spins with double the winnings. And during those free spins, those golden tortoises can stack up, making your chances of a big win even bigger. 

Totally! You can play Jin Qian Wa on your mobile gadgets. It works with most phones and tablets, whether they’re Apple or Android.

Definitely. You can get some spins on the house with Jin Qian Wa! If you get at least three of those special scatter symbols while you play, you’ll unlock some bonus spins where your wins get tripled!

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