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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Starburst Slot Review: FREE Spins Slot with Top Bonuses

There are many games that we love to play when we’re on BP9 Malaysia, but we can count our fingers on the number of slots that we can really call them our go-to games. In our list of favorite slot games, there’s one of the most classic, timeless slot machines ever created – the Starburst casino game. 

In this article, we’ll share with you why the Starburst slot is such a great play.

Starburst Slot’s Creator: Who is NetEnt

Every fan of slot games online Malaysia is familiar with the name ‘NetEnt’. Founded back in 1996, the creator of Starburst slot is a major player in the world of online casinos, providing top-notch gaming solutions to the most successful operators. With more than twenty years in the business, NetEnt has been at the forefront, offering thrilling games on their cutting-edge platform. 

Bringing together a team of 1,100 talented individuals, NetEnt prides itself on delivering flexible digital casino solutions that make their customers stand out, stay informed, and stay ahead in the industry. With a leading market position in Europe, impressive annual sales and profits, and offices in multiple locations worldwide, including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malta, and New Jersey.

Everything You Need to Know About Starburst Slot

Starburst Slot, a game that’s been around since January 2012, is still active and thriving after a whole decade. This retro slot, despite not having any massive jackpot prizes and its graphics looking a little dated, continues to be a hit among slot fans to this day.

A Brief Overview

If we had to describe Starburst slot in two words, simple and fun would be the words we would choose.

Starburst slot, created by NetEnt, is a fast-paced, retro-style slot machine. It has five reels and comes with interesting features that allow you to win both ways, essentially turning it into a 20-payline game. The game draws inspiration from the 1980s and arcade lights. With its bold graphics and space-themed music, playing Starburst slot makes us feel like stepping back into a time where arcade machines were a thing, just as in Netflix’s Stranger Things. We’d say that even though it’s a simple slot, Starburst slot offers three enticing bonus features that give players of all budgets a shot at winning huge prizes.

Features of Starburst Slot

  • Reels: 5
  • Jackpot: Nope
  • Paylines: 10 (but counts both ways)
  • Maximum Wager: £50,000
  • Payout Percentage: 96.1%
  • Bonus Round: None
  • Software Developer: NetEnt
  • Maximum Payout: £50,000
  • Theme: Video Slot
  • Jackpot Type: Regular (not progressive)

Why You Should Try Starburst Slot

Sometimes, less really is more, and that’s exactly what makes the Starburst slot a standout. Since it hit the scene in 2012, Starburst slot has earned its stripes for being simple, user-friendly, and packed with, no exaggeration here, serious winning potential.

Back in 2012, players were wowed by its graphics, animations, and even the soundtrack. Admittedly, some of its initial charm might have worn off over time, but the gameplay (now, put a pin in that because each gameplay element will be explored in more detail later) still holds strong. One of the big draws for players is the return to player (RTP) percentage, which has consistently hovered around 97%. While there are slots with slightly higher returns out there, Starburst slot’s numbers are nothing to scoff at. If you’re, just like us,  committed to finding a classic game that does not stack the odds against players, Starburst slot should be on top of your list.

That said, as a die-hard Starburst slot fan, we decided to come up with 5 reasons why you should play the game. Here’s the scoop:

Lots of Free Spins to Grab

NetEnt’s Starburst slot has occupied a hot pick position for years, and almost every top online casino has it in their game libraries. Thus, it’s not uncommon for gambling sites to offer players free spins on the Starburst slot when they sign up and make a deposit (usually for the first time). We’d say that this feature has significantly contributed to the enduring popularity of Starburst. The best part is that sometimes, but only sometimes, these Starburst free spins bonus rounds come with no strings attached, making them even more appealing. 

What’s more is that this attribute is not just for newcomers. Regular promotions, both weekly and monthly, often feature free spins and bonus deals for Starburst slot. So, even if you somehow haven’t yet tried this timeless slot on the platform you’re a customer of, chances are you’ll get to spin its reels for free sooner or later.

It’s A Machine With Medium Risk

Obviously, NetEnt’s masterpiece is adored for its retro graphics, catchy soundtrack, and simplicity. Also, many players including ourselves appreciate that Starburst slot allows its players to adjust the risk level to their liking through its wide betting range (more on that later). However, even more important is that this medium-risk machine gives quite a decent chance to make the most of the high-roller feature without sweating too much, making this Starburst game an excellent pick whether you are on a tight budget or feeling like a high roller.

Perfect for Bankrolls of Any Size

Even though it’s a basic slot, Starburst shines in unique ways. And as we hinted in the previous section, the Starburst slot is just right for players of all budgets.

From the double payline, win-both-ways feature to the expanding wilds that not only increase your chances of winning but also trigger Starburst free spins, we can guarantee you that Starburst slot is one you won’t want to miss. Its broad betting range lets you play with as little as 10p or go big with £100. Put simply, Starburst slot caters to both casual players and those go-big-or-go-home players, both of whom are in search of both fun and profit.

Ideal Mobile Companion for Both Smartphones and Tablets

NetEnt launched the Starburst slot just in time for it to work seamlessly on mobile devices. And despite being created before slots became popular on mobile devices, this straightforward retro slot is a perfect fit for both smartphones and tablets. The bold and bright symbols look fantastic on smaller screens, and the no-download feature makes it super convenient for players wanting to win some cash on the go. 

To run a Starburst game on a mobile device of your choice, just launch your browser and you’re ready to start winning the Starburst slot. For us, the game is great whether we’re having fun with it on our mobile phone, tablet, or desktop PC.

A Special Wild System for Even More Chances to Win

Besides the win-both-ways feature, which we now noticed was mentioned multiple times in this article, Starburst slot introduces a unique Wild system that can greatly raise players’ chances of hitting it big. 

To clarify, the Starburst Wild expands across reels 2, 3, and 4, covering the entire reel, increasing our odds of winning with other symbols on the reels, as well as granting us a free spin. This means you benefit from the wild symbol on your first spin and then again during the free spin, doubling your opportunities to win really, really big in the Starburst slot. 

Now. How big is the winning, you may ask? Well, let’s just say if luck really smiles on you and you land 5 wilds, you could walk away with the incredible £50,000 Starburst jackpot!

Play Starburst Slot on the Best Platform: BP9

If you are ready to give the Starburst casino game a go, BP9 should be your destination.

BP9 is a gaming powerhouse that is seriously upping the excitement factor. The platform has an incredible range of casino games, including the latest slots, classic table games, and live dealers, making it a non-stop gaming adventure. But what really sets them apart are the jaw-dropping bonuses and personalized rewards that’ll blow your mind. Plus, they’ve invested in top-notch technology to ensure a glitch-free experience on any device. And when it comes to customer support, their team is not only super friendly but also experts in all things casino – they will have your questions or concerns sorted in a flash.

Wrap Up

Surprisingly, even after all these years, there aren’t many alternatives to Starburst slot, and no other games have managed to replicate its success. NetEnt truly created a gem that stands the test of time. This Starburst slot isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and more online casinos are likely to add it to their offerings. 

Having said that, even though there are many platforms out there that feature the Starburst slot in their gaming collection, it doesn’t mean that any site will do. You deserve the best, which is BP9, the most trusted gambling site in Asia. If you are in the mood to play casino games, sports betting online games, or any other interesting betting games, that could be right now to visit BP9!

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