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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Sugar Blast Slot Review: Casual Slot Casino Game by KingMaker

Casino online games, especially slot game online Malaysia, are more popular now than ever before. The easy accessibility of leading casinos, like BP9, is definitely one of the main draws. But it’s the mobile compatibility that really seals the deal, playing a huge part in the soaring popularity of internet casino games. Just look at the BP9 casino app — players can enjoy their favorite games anytime, anywhere. We’re talking about big names like XE88 APK, Mega888, and Evolution Gaming

Speaking of gaming on the move, why not check out Sugar Blast APK? It’s one of the top-notch Kingmaker slots. In fact, let’s dive into this game in more detail in today’s blog post!

Who is Kingmaker: the Creator of Sugar Blast Slot

Kingmaker is a company that’s all about fun slot games and RNG-based table games. Kingmaker provided a cool collection of over 100 games on their site. You’ve probably heard of some Kingmaker slots like KM Animal Race, Fruit Roulette, Xoc Dia and Sugar Blast Slot (the one we’ll be discussing today). 

Hitting the jackpot in Kingmaker slots is no sweat, and they pay out winners for real. For gamers on the go, you can jump into their mobile games, say Sugar Blast Slot with Sugar Blast APK, straight from your mobile. Plus, they make dealing with money super quick and even toss in free credits every day.

Sugar Blast Slot Game Overview





Max Win:




Introducing the Sugar Blast Slot

In case you haven’t tried this fun, vibrant game from the collection of Kingmaker slots already, now is the time to discover the charming and dynamic Sugar Blast Slot, an exciting game that turns matching candy into thrilling wins. It comes with an interesting feature where you use cannon bombs to blast through candy symbols, aiming for the best combinations. If you line up five or more identical candies, you trigger a special bomb which explodes, creating even more chances to win.

Understanding Sugar Blast Slot Basics

Here is everything you need to know, if your goal is to win in this Sugar Blast Slot game.

Key Features of Sugar Blast Slot

  • Line up candy symbols to unlock various prizes.
  • Fill the bar meter and earn free spins (up to 20 free spins).
  • Enhance the gameplay mechanic with available features: Auto Play, Buy Free Spins and Turbo Mode (which you can toggle to ON to activate it). 
  • Tweak your bet using  ‘(-) Decrease Bet’ or ‘(+) Increase Bet’
  • Hit ‘Go’ to launch up to 3 cannon bombs and kick things off. Each one lands somewhere random and blasts everything in a 3×3 area.
  • Trigger a special bomb by lining up 5 or more matching candies. It’ll wipe out all those sweet symbols in a snap.
  • Enjoy the bonus feature of Sugar Blast Slot for a chance to multiply your payout by up to 3000 times.

Sugar Blast Slot’s Graphic and Audio

Visuals of Sugar Blast Slot are bright and vibrant, filled with pastel colors that pop out at you (actually, the backdrop and color scheme of this slot pretty much remind us of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph). At the beginning, you will see a cheerful lady in a baker’s outfit, holding a big, creamy cupcake, who is there to warmly welcome us to the game.

It feels as if we have stepped into a sweet wonderland. The background of Sugar Blast Slot is a blur of sparkling crystals, shiny coins, and colorful candies that make it look super playful. You can almost hear the fun, upbeat music and the sounds of Sugar Blast Slot spinning over and over again in your mind, mixed with the occasional chimes and jingles that are usually used in other slot games with themes similar to Sugar Blast Slot.

Sugar Blast Slot Game’s Symbols

The game’s symbols are all about the candy theme. In this beautiful game, you will find different shaped treats like stars, hearts, and flowers, all looking like delicious gummies. There are also shiny jewels in various shapes such as teardrops, diamonds, and more, that give off a glittering effect. The special symbols seem to be things like a candy bomb, which probably means more chances to win in the Sugar Blast Slot. Everything is designed to stand out, with a glow that draws your eyes to potential winning combinations in the Sugar Blast Slot.

Compatibility of Sugar Blast Slot

The desktop version of Sugar Blast Slot works great with both Windows and MacOS. And with the Sugar Blast APK, you can dive into Sugar Blast Slot on your Android gadgets, plus there’s a sleek version for all you iOS users out there, too! 

The coolest part of all is that you don’t need to install anything to play Sugar Blast Slot — no matter your device, just hit up your favorite casino, and you can get spinning instantly!

Supported Languages in Sugar Blast Slot Game

Don’t worry about the language barrier here, especially if you are an Asian player. There are five supported languages in Sugar Blast Slot, including English, Korean, Vietnam, Thai, Chinese and Indonesian.

Where to Try Sugar Blast Slot for Free?

There are a few ways to dip your toes into this game for free, such as playing Sugar Blast Slot in a demo version from different channels. 

  • Start at the source. Visit the Kingmaker slots official website, navigate to their slots page, and keep an eye out for Sugar Blast Slot. Found it? Great! Hit that rectangular shaped ‘Try Now’ button and get a taste of the sugary gameplay for free.

  • Go to your favorite virtual spot. But if you’re still shopping around for a favorite online casino, BP9 is a great choice, the best even. Though Sugar Blast Slot is on its way to amping up BP9’s slot library, the platform has already showcased a bunch of Kingmaker slots for free trials. Just land on BP9’s dedicated Kingmaker slots page, toggle the Demo Mode to ‘ON’, then you are good to go. Play without putting down any money, and whatever the outcome, your bankroll stays untouched.


Ready for a scoop of sweet, sugary slot action? Let’s wrap up everything we’ve sprinkled throughout our look at Sugar Blast Slot.

Sugar Blast Slot is buzzing in the online casino world, thanks to its delectable gameplay and user-friendly experience. KingMaker, the brains behind this treat, knows their game, serving up a plethora of engaging slots and RNG table games with Sugar Blast Slot being one of the most flavorsome picks.

Dive into Sugar Blast Slot and you’ll find yourself in a world that’s not just about spinning reels, but blasting candies with cannon bombs and triggering special bombs for explosive wins. It’s not just fun—it’s a visual feast with pastel colors, animated symbols, and vibrant energy reminiscent of sweet fantasy lands.

This game isn’t just a pretty face, though. With a high RTP of 96.98% and the potential to multiply your payout up to 3000 times, Sugar Blast Slot mixes up serious winning opportunities with its playful theme. Plus, it’s designed for convenience; whether you’re on a Windows, MacOS, Android, or iOS device, Sugar Blast Slot is just a click away—no installation necessary.

So there you have it, your ultimate guide to diving into the sugary world of Sugar Blast Slot. With all these features, compatibility, and free play options, it’s easy to see why this game is fast becoming the sweetest spot in the online casino galaxy. Ready, set, blast off into Sugar Blast Slot and let the sweet winnings roll!


Absolutely! Whether you’re an Android fanatic or an iPhone enthusiast, Sugar Blast Slot has got you covered. Grab the Sugar Blast APK for Android, or just play directly on your browser if you’re using iOS. Easy peasy, no need for any downloads or complicated setups. Just tap, spin, and hopefully win!

If you’re not ready to throw in your cash just yet, you can give Sugar Blast Slot a whirl in demo mode. The official site of Kingmaker or casino sites like BP9 let you flip on Demo Mode, so you can get the full experience without betting real money. It’s all the fun of the game, with zero pressure on your wallet.

Sugar Blast Slot is a real cosmopolitan game, with options for other asian languages like Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Indonesian languages. So, you’ll be feeling at home no matter where you’re playing from. It’s all set up for you to jump in and have a blast without getting lost in translation.

Apart from its RTP, which is quite high, the highlight of this game would be maximum winnings, as its slogan goes ‘Win Up to 3000x with Endless Free Spins’

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