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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Kingmaker Slot Game Review: Demo Play & Grab Free Slot Bonus

Step into a world of royal reels with the Kingmaker game, a Big Time Gaming masterpiece adorned with the grandeur of medieval times. With the Kingmaker machine, you are promised up to 16,807 ways to win thanks to the Megaways system, elevating each spin to an epic quest for wealth.

Savor the strategy and serendipity of the Kingmaker slot demo at BP9 app, where gallant gameplay and gem multipliers await. Each spin in the Kingmaker slot can bring you closer to a regal bounty, with free spins and wilds as your loyal allies.

In this court of chance, the Kingmaker is not just a game; it’s a gateway to glory. Are you ready to take the throne and become the next Kingmaker?

Kingmaker Slot Game Overview


Big Time Gaming



Max Win:

40,000x your stake


Up to 16,807

The Kingmaker game invites you to a regal encounter with fortune, where the bravest spins are royally rewarded. This Big Time Gaming spectacle unfolds across a 5-reel kingdom, where the Kingmaker slot machine offers variable betways to conquer. A storybook scene with a castle backdrop sets the stage for the Kingmaker high volatility thrills, promising legendary payouts of up to 40,000x your stake.

Mystical creatures and gem-encrusted symbols guard the reels, while the wild banner of the Kingmaker waves in victory, substituting symbols to forge wins. Crown scatters beckon the onset of free spins, an opportunity for glory within every Kingmaker slot demo play.

As you immerse in the Kingmaker slot game, the soundtrack—peppered with trumpet calls and dramatic crescendos—enchants your gameplay, elevating the narrative of each spin. With an RTP of 96.65%, the Kingmaker not only tells a tale of chivalrous battles but also offers a courtly return to those who dare to spin.

Kingmaker Slot Game Selections

The Kingmaker slot game offers a narrative-rich experience across reels and live tables, a digital landscape where chivalry and chance intertwine.


Kingmaker’s slots enchant with themes ranging from ancient myths to the wild frontiers. Every Kingmaker slot machine is a realm where jackpots grow progressively, and the scatters pave the way to bonus-rich realms.

Popular Slots at Kingmaker

  • God of Wealth: Command the reels of this affluent Kingmaker game and witness wealth unfold in every spin.
  • Dolphin Reef: Plunge into the Kingmaker’s underwater escapade with the Dolphin Reef, where each symbol could lead to a fortune.
  • Great Blue: The Great Blue slot at Kingmaker beckons with its marine magnificence and the promise of treasure beneath the waves.
  • 5 Dragons: 5 Dragons breathes fire into gameplay with multiple paths to victory, each guarded by mythical beasts.

Live Casino

Kingmaker’s live casino games elevate the traditional to the extraordinary. Here, the slot experience meets live dealers, bringing about an interactive, immersive gaming session.

Popular Live Casino Games at Kingmaker

  • Baccarat: Challenge the odds in a live baccarat game within the Kingmaker platform, betting on what fate the cards will reveal.
  • Roulette: Spin the roulette wheel in Kingmaker’s live setting, a classic game that never ceases to thrill.
  • Blackjack: Engage in a battle of wits and luck in Kingmaker’’s live blackjack, aiming for that sweet spot of 21.
  • Sic Bo: The dice roll with anticipation in Kingmaker’s live Sic Bo, each toss a story waiting to unfold.


Arcade games at Kingmaker offer a nostalgic yet fresh take on gaming. Each slot arcade title is a burst of fun, beckoning players with simplicity and the chance for rewards.

Popular Arcade Games at Kingmaker

  • Fish Arcade: Cast your net in the Fish Arcade, part of the Kingmaker slot collection, aiming for the catch of the day.
  • Monkey Arcade: Scale to new heights in Monkey Arcade, a playful part of the Kingmaker slot suite.
  • Horse Arcade: Place your stakes on the thundering hooves within the Horse Arcade at Kingmaker slot, where each race is an exhilarating dash to victory.


Expanding the repertoire, Kingmaker slot games also delve into the competitive fervor of e-sports and the suspense of the lottery.

Other Games at Kingmaker

  • E-sports: Engage with the dynamic world of sports and e-sports betting through Kingmaker slot, where each match is an epic clash of titans.
  • Lottery: The lottery games within the Kingmaker slot selection turn a simple draw into a chance at a windfall.

Kingmaker Slot Game Features

The Kingmaker slot game is a treasure among casino games that weaves a tale of potential wealth with every spin.

Gem Multipliers in the Kingmaker Slot Game

The core of the Kingmaker slot machine lies in its Gem Multipliers. Each gem, a jewel of a long-lost dynasty, starts with a x1 multiplier, incrementally increasing with each matching set you align. Your journey in the Kingmaker slot is illuminated by these multipliers, prominently displayed and ready to boost your conquests, which become even more significant during the Free Spins round.

Free Spins Feature in the Kingmaker Slot Demo

The quest for riches in the Kingmaker slot demo ascends to noble heights when you trigger the Free Spins feature. Land three or more scatter symbols, and you shall be granted a kingly sum of free spins. Watch as the Gem Multipliers you’ve collected now enhance every victory in this round. The Kingmaker slot game generously allows for the retriggering of this feature, offering a chance for even grander spoils.

Wild Symbol - Your Ally in the Kingmaker Slot Machine

The Wild symbol in the Kingmaker slot game is your silent guardian, transforming into any other symbol, except the scatter, to complete a winning line. This ally appears on the central reels of the Kingmaker slot machine, ready to turn the tide in your favor.

How to Play Kingmaker Slot Game

With a versatile betting range from 0.20 to 20 credits per spin, the Kingmaker slot machine welcomes both the cautious and the brave. Adjust your stake with the ease of the arrow keys and press the green spin button to commence your quest for riches.

As you traverse the Kingmaker slot, remember that fortune favors the bold. Wins are celebrated from left to right, requiring a lineage of at least three matching symbols across adjacent reels. With the Megaways system, each spin is a chance to conquer up to 16,807 betways, as the reels can display an ever-changing array of symbols.

Should you require wisdom, the paytable lies within reach, a ledger of values and rules, including the esteemed gem multipliers – the crowning features of this game.

Play Kingmaker on Mobile – Android, iPad, and Tablets

The Kingmaker slot game is not bound by the walls of stone; it travels with you on mobile devices. Designed to be as gallant on the small screen as it is on the grand, the Kingmaker slot adapts to the modern-day knight’s scroll – your smartphone or tablet.

Whether you’re sworn to Android or pledged to iPad, this slot demands no allegiance to any software for download. Your journey in the Kingmaker slot demo or the real game is as seamless on iOS, Android, or Windows devices as any tale is across the pages of a well-worn book.

So ready your device, sire or lady, for the Kingmaker slot machine is a portal to a realm where chivalry and chance align, and every spin is a step towards legend.


You can take part in a medieval adventure with Big Time Gaming’s Kingmaker slot game, which features Megaways to bring the glory of the past to life. You can win up to 40,000x your stake in this regal 5-reel journey with 16,807 betways set against castles and chivalry. The Kingmaker slot demo offers a taste of nobility or a chance at fortune with its high volatility and RTP of 96.65%.

In addition to desktops, the Kingmaker slot is available on Android, iPad, and tablets, without downloading anything. Gem multipliers increase your payouts, and free spins rounds offer epic rewards in this modern tale of chivalry. Whenever and wherever you choose, you can claim your throne and pursue legendary status in the world of online slots with its graphics and sounds optimized for on-the-go play.

Ready to claim your digital crown and forge your legend? Play Kingmaker slot at BP9 licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming, where every spin could be your step towards greatness. Join the quest at BP9 now and let your story of conquest begin!


The RTP of Kingmaker slot game is 96.65%, which is slightly above the industry average.

The maximum win of Kingmaker slot game is 40,000x your stake, which can be achieved by landing the best combinations and increasing the gem multipliers.

You can trigger the free spins feature in Kingmaker slot game by landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

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