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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Royal Potato Slot Demo Game Review: Best RTP Slot Online

Any players who already have awesome go-to spots for their gaming enthusiasm, or at least understand what makes a good casino (a good one like BP9 casino) and know how to choose the best online casino in Malaysia, names like Pragmatic Play, SimplePlay, Evolution and CQ9 Gaming probably don’t need any introduction. The thing is that we think there are many up-and-coming game developers that are largely ignored – and one of them is Print Studios. 

Print Studios might fly under the radar for a lot of audiences, but we know for sure that the firm is going to be the next big thing in the online gambling arena. Print Studios creates a bunch of slot game online Malaysia titles that have become huge hits, and Royal Potato slot is one of its most talked-about games.

Royal Potato Slot Overview


Print Studios



💯Max Win:



30 Ways 

About Print Studios

Hitting the scene just a couple of years ago, Print Studios is often perceived as a rookie who has just started in 2020. But only true casino fans know the studio and the mastermind behind it have already made massive waves in what is now an ocean of iGaming providers. With a team that is packed with seasoned pros, they are crafting several games, including the famous Royal Potato slot, that truly stand out. 

Slow and steady, it is pretty obvious for us to see that Print Studios are on their way to becoming a mainstay in the gaming world. One of its best creations, so far, would be the Royal Potato slot (as we hinted a few times earlier).

A Look at the Theme of Royal Potato Slot

We have seen a lot in the slot gaming universe, where themes can be as wide-ranging as the stars. In fact, some even claim they have seen it all and nothing can surprise them anymore — but that was way before everybody and their grandmas discovered this video slot with a fantasy theme centered around anthropomorphic potatoes in a whimsical aesthetic. 

We’d say that Print Studios threw us a curveball we never saw coming. We mean — who’d have thought a potato, and not just any spud, but a regal one at that, could be the star of the game? And note that this Royal Potato slot isn’t just a stroke of genius in concept – it is also great fun!

The Basics: How to Play and Win Royal Potato Slot

Before you start playing Royal Potato slot, particularly if slot games are not your usual jam, there are a couple of steps we’d suggest you tackle: first, soak up the basics that we are about to dish out; and second, give Royal Potato demo a try.

Now, let’s talk about the basics of the Royal Potato slot (a.k.a. ‘What You Need to Know’). When you dive into the Royal Potato slot, you will find a surprising 30 ways in which you can win. One thing you should take note of before playing either the Royal Potato slot demo or its full version is the game’s symbols (well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise). 

The symbols of Royal Potato slot are, prepare to gasp, a delightful mix of:

  • Floral Beauties: Considered to be low symbols, giving modest wins. 
  • A Cast of Potato Nobles: Like Desiree and Kennebec (with a payout of 12.5x), all the way up to; 
  • The Regal Rulers: King Potato and Queen Potato, granting the royal rewards as high as 50x.

Before we end this section, here’s one small golden nugget of wisdom: Watch out in the base game, though; wilds are playing coy until you hit those free spins.

Features of Royal Potato Slot

In the kingdom of the Royal Potato family, three is the magic number with, of course, the trio of features every player adores: SuperSpinners, the Royal Levy, and a Free Spins round with a growing Jumbo Wild Symbol.


The Royal Potato slot is a playground with 14 SuperSpinner spots weaving through the reels, ready to multiply your wins in the base and bonus rounds. Not all will show up to the party every spin, but when they do, and your win zips through them, they’ll boost your prize with their multipliers. 

Again, the good news is that all players can test this feature (and the other two) by playing the Royal Potato slot demo version. Just a gentle reminder to newbies: winnings from Royal Potato free play (the Royal Potato demo game) are not for you guys to keep, technically.

Royal Levy

As you found out a few paragraphs earlier, in the Royal Potato slot, it’s important for players to keep a lookout for the Potato King and Queen as they might just bestow the Royal Levy upon you. This random blessing turns each royal symbol into a prize multiplier and works in harmony with the SuperSpinners to – let’s just say – fatten up your win!

Free Spins

The chance for free spins in the Royal Potato slot comes with the scatter’s grace. Basically, you just need to land three or more and then you are in for a treat. 

With a classical soundtrack setting the stage well-suited to our royal highnesses, you will find a wild symbol that grows right before your eyes, substituting more and more symbols. And with each growth, extra spins increase, leading to a grand 5×5 symbol taking over the Royal Potato slot.

Bonus Buy

We avoided mentioning the buy bonus feature at the beginning of the article so it would be a surprise. The sleek ‘Bonus Buy’ button is prominently placed on the right hand side of the game’s interface, ready to give us a shortcut to the action in the Royal Potato slot. 

With this clever feature on offer, skipping straight to the free spins could cost you 93 times your stake, but it’s all for instant access to the thrills of the Royal Potato slot – and perhaps for even more of a payout.


Portal to the quirky parallel universe ruled by the odd-looking but cute potatoes is now opened for everyone to enter through the Royal Potato demo. See for yourself why this game is all the rage. This work of Print Studios has cooked up a feast for the senses with stunning visuals and a catchy soundtrack that will have you spinning for hours. 

Testing the waters with the Royal Potato free play means you get all the fun without the risk, giving you a chance to get comfy with the royal spud family and their treasure-filled court. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to take a spin with the majestic King and Queen Potatoes without betting a dime? It’s a world where the wilds and bonuses elevate your play to noble heights, making the Royal Potato slot demo a perfect appetizer before you bring your A-game to the real deal. 

Trust us on this, Royal Potato slot is a crowning glory in the slot game world that’s well worth your time.


Oh, get this – the top prize in Royal Potato is a whopping 27,191 times what you bet. Not too shabby, right?

So, a SuperSpinner is like a lucky spot that sits between the spinning reels. If you hit a winning line that crosses one of these bad boys while it’s active, it’ll pump up your win with its multiplier magic.

Absolutely! If you land three or more scatter symbols, you’ll grab yourself up to 14 free spins to keep the fun going. Plus, there’s this wild symbol that gets bigger and bigger each time you snag a win with it during the free spins.

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