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Last Updated: 9th July 2024

Super 8 Ways Ultimate Slot Game Review: Win Jackpot Slot Now

If you knew how to choose the best online casino in Malaysia, you’d also realize that BP9 checks all the boxes for what a top-rated online casino should have. And if you happen to be a member of BP9’s community already, and plus you are into slot games, check out any game from SimplePlay, Pragmatic Play, CQ9 Gaming, Spadegaming, etc.

Now that we’re talking about a Spadegaming slot, here is the thing. We didn’t give much thought to Spadegaming’s classic slots (or considered playing any classic ones with three reels at all) when we first joined BP9. The platform has one of the largest slot game online Malaysia selections, and there are just so many exciting video slots with different interesting themes and storylines as well as superb graphics for us to choose from. The game changer for us is the Super 8 Ways Ultimate slot machine, which once we tried it, we kept going back to.

Super 8 Ways Ultimate Slot Game Overview





Max Win:

100,000 coins


8 paylines

A Brief Overview of Super 8 Ways Ultimate: A Classic Spadegaming Slot

For those of you readers who are curious about the Super 8 Ways Ultimate from Spadegaming slot, read on to get everything explained thoroughly.

This incredible content is a nostalgic nod to classic slots, brought to you by the creative minds at Spadegaming. Its design is charmingly retro, with a straightforward layout we can all agree that it is easy on the eyes.

If you haven’t seen the Super 8 Ways Ultimate game’s cover or demo, for whatever reason, this is what Super 8 Ways Ultimate slot machine looks like: a sleek black background, with the vibrant reels on one side and a clear paytable on the other. And as we have said plenty of times before, don’t let any game’s simplicity fool you – the upbeat soundtrack keeps the excitement high while you watch the three reels spin in Super 8 Ways Ultimate. 

In this classy slot online, you will spot familiar symbols like bars and 7s, but don’t hold your breath for any fancy Super 8 Ways Ultimate bonus features – let’s just say the creator wants this game to stick to its classic roots. However, there’s one thing that makes up for it: the game has some impressive payouts, and you might even double your winnings at the end of a round.

How to play Super 8 Ways Ultimate

Getting started with Super 8 Ways Ultimate is actually a breeze. This game keeps it classic with just three reels, three rows, and comes with eight paylines (now, the title of this game is starting to make sense). Speaking of paylines, as a matter of fact, we’ll have to mention that they appear in all shapes (and forms) in this Super 8 Ways Ultimate Spadegaming slot – vertical, horizontal, and diagonal – and you should also take note that they’re all fixed, which means you are playing with the full set every time. 

If you really are new to slot games, as in you have never played this kind of game before in your life, here’s the deal: just line up three symbols from left to right on any of those eight paylines. What’s great is that everything has been made very clear – the paylines stand out on the reels, and the paytable is right there for you to see. Before you jump in, pick your bet denomination (anywhere from 0.05 to 20) and your total bet. 

Want to up your bet? Hit ‘Bet One’, or if you’re feeling a little bit bolder, go for ‘Bet Max’.

What You Should Know: The Mechanics of Super 8 Ways Ultimate

Now let’s talk about the meat of things: Gameplay mechanics of Super 8 Ways Ultimate. We think it’s important for you to note that this Spadegaming slot might not offer any surprising elements. However, if you’re interested in its gigantic payouts, here are some key aspects to consider:

Symbols and Payouts

One thing for sure about Super 8 Ways Ultimate is that simplicity is its key. This vintage Spadegaming slot doesn’t overwhelm us players with symbols, but each one packs a punch with fixed payouts. To put it another way, there’s nothing much to talk about Super 8 Ways Ultimate symbols. They are plain and not as eye-catching as symbols you find in other video slots.

The thing is, we did say that the Super 8 Ways Ultimate slot machine has simple elements, but we didn’t say that this game is boring. Players of Super 8 Ways Ultimate could even hit the jackpot, reaching up to 100,000 coins as they play. And since there are only three reels, your goal is to land up to three symbols on a line. 

One of the most rewarding symbols is the double up symbol, dishing out 1,000 coins for three on a payline. The next set of symbols is our lucky blue sevens, offering a neat 200 coins when a full set is landed. The red sevens aren’t far behind either, with 100 coins for three in a row. Mix and match those sevens on a payline, and you’re looking at 50 coins. In fact, Super 8 Ways Ultimate gives its players 40 coins for a triple bar symbol, 20 coins for a double bar, and 10 coins for a single bar. Now, guess what would happen if you lined up any bars on a payline? – that’s a tidy 4 coins for you (whelp, better than nothing, are we right?)

Bonus Features

In Super 8 Ways Ultimate, the bonus features keep things interesting without over complicating your game. The wild card here is the double-up symbol. As for what you may be thinking right now, let us just tell you: no, it’s not just a regular symbol; it actually can substitute for others to create winning combinations of this brilliant Super 8 Ways Ultimate. 

What’s more is that the feature under discussion here doubles your winnings when it’s part of a combination (unless you, unfortunately, land three of them). There’s also a gamble feature after each round. There’s a chance to double your winnings on another spin – but it’s all or nothing. If you’re not feeling lucky, you can always collect half your winnings and walk away. As for jackpots, you’ll be glad to hear that they’re in the mix too. Fill those reels with one symbol – like nine blue sevens – and you could be looking at a whopping 100,000 coins. 

Just remember this one thing: Super 8 Ways Ultimate doesn’t do free spins.


So, here’s the skinny on Super 8 Ways Ultimate, a game with major throwback elements. It’s one of those old-school slots – no frills, just the good ol’ basics. Spadegaming is, as we all now know, the mastermind behind it, and let’s just say that the slot creator has kept it real simple this time. You shouldn’t expect flashy graphics or mind-boggling features here. 

But don’t go thinking this game is a snoozefest. The payouts? They’re nothing to sneeze at. You could double your winnings (talk about a nice surprise!). And while you won’t find any bonus features that’ll knock your socks off, there’s a double-up symbol that can really spice things up.

Getting into the game is a piece of cake. It’s all about lining up those symbols across the eight paylines. The layout’s a breeze to understand – everything is laid out clearer than a sunny day. Bet a little or bet a lot, it’s your call. There’s a ‘Bet One’ button for the cautious folks and a ‘Bet Max’ for the daredevils.

As we have given you the bad news earlier, there are no free spins in this game, which might sound a bit of a turn-off at first. But the good news that makes up for that matter is that you can still hit the jackpot, and we’re talking a big jackpot – up to 100,000 coins big! There’s also a gamble feature for those feeling lucky. You can double your winnings or, if you are not feeling it, take half and call it a day.

So, if you are into the classics and don’t mind a little bit of an out-dated look, Super 8 Ways Ultimate slot machine could really be your game.


That’s easy. You just find any reliable casino site that offers this game both in full and in demo version. In fact, if you want to try any slot from Spadegaming for free, BP9 is an online casino that’s full with Spadegaming’s titles, which can all be played in demo mode too.

Unfortunately no, free spins aren’t a thing in Super 8 Ways Ultimate. But it’s actually not all bad news – you can enjoy the Autoplay feature which is pretty cool too.

Ah, not really. Super 8 Ways Ultimate doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot. But don’t let that bum you out. The game has some awesome features that make it worth a spin. Check it out for free on SlotsMate and see for yourself!

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